Sunday, July 3, 2011

Happy Independence Day, Dykes!

Well, this great country of ours is 235 years old as of midnight! Ain't that somethin'? Admittedly I am not all that patriotic, considering the whole second class citizen thing and how pissed off I am about that. It is, however, a great excuse to party!

So put your party hats on, fire up the grill, booze it up, shoot those fireworks, and celebrate our nation's birthday in style! Happy Fourth of July 2011, Lesbians! 

And let's try not to be tooooo pissed off at our nation for at least one day, mmmmmk? Could be a lot worse. Happy Birthday, America!


  1. haha that was sort and sweet. Honestly was expecting a little bit more but you will blow my mind later.. right?

  2. Haha Uknown, I could have gotten all self righteous political with it...and started to. But decided to leave the righteous anger at the door for the party! you do what?

  3. ok um so now i have this. umm now what can u kinda take me step by step