Monday, June 27, 2011

Series: Debunking Dyke Myths

Myth #4: Butch Bois Will Not Date Other Bois

Alrighty, it is time for another installment of our favorite series, dykes! This time, we address an issue that is most definitely near and dear to my heart: the Boi/Boi Pairing.

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Now, ladygays, I am most definitely a boi whose head is turned by other bois. And I am unapologetically honest about this, too. Here lately, as I have sought out other boi loving bois, I have been successfully convinced that the Butch/Femme paradigm is just another silly dyke stereotype. 

Butches do not need to always go for Femmes. Sure, I'll look at something hot and dolled up on the beach.

Who wouldn't?

But at the end of the day, 'mos, that is just not what turns my head. In fact, I just joined an entire group of boi lovin' bois on Facebook. Nothing wrong with butch/femme.

But it hardly applies to all of us, contrary to popular belief. I don't know who made that *rule,* 'mosexuals, but I ain't following it. It was more than likely made up by straight people who are only comfortable with gay couples who present outward roles that mirror their own male/female relationships. Nine times out of ten, this just doesn't work for us! But don't get me started on THAT tangent, as you all know how I feel about the heteronormative gender binary by now. 

So, all you boi lovin' bois like me, come out of that closet!
Photo Credit Queerstock

Let the other butch bois who secretly love other bois but chase femmes to save face know that you are looking for them! Boi/Boi couples are hot, too. Break the rules, dykes! Bois, its time to find ourselves some boi lovin'.


  1. Interesting. All my friends are either in boi/boi or femme/femme relationships... hmmm I'm trying to think back on mine - As a boi I think I've mostly dated femmes, but then I mostly date straight women. Go figure!! :)

  2. Femme/Femme seems to be ok. That is more than likely due to the fake lesbian porn produced by straight men, where all the women have long hair, lots of make up, fake tanned bodies, fake tits, long nails,etc. But it seems two butches together is just this huge no no. Lots of hate here for it, for some reason...