Friday, July 29, 2011

Shannon Has a Smart Phone!

Well dykes, I finally entered the wonderful world of Smart Phones. I splurged with my financial aid check and got myself an 
It's gorgeous and the cute Latina chic at the phone store...well..what a great sales woman! And quite the looker, too!

But she is most assuredly straight. And of course she talked me into a case, insurance and all sorts of shit I wasn't originally planning on, just by being her gorgeous self. But the problem is, 'mos, how do I use the damn thing??!?! I want the Android experience to be the best it can be (gods know I spend enough), so any tips you might have are greatly appreciated! Thanks! Oh, and let me in on all the best lesbian apps, too, please!


  1. I have an Android, too. I love the thing! Let's OK, if you touch and hold the main screen, a little window will pop up that allows you to add shortcuts, folders and widgets or to change your wallpaper. Shortcuts and widgets are useful little things that stay on your main screen, like a Facebook shortcut for example. You would just have to touch the shortcut to go to FB instead of having to go to your menu screen and scrolling for it. To delete a shortcut, touch and hold it and you will then see a little trash can pop up, then you just drag it to the trash can. If you delete a shortcut, you can of course still access it from your menu screen. I don't really have any lesbian apps, haven't bothered searching. If I do find anything cool, I'll come back and let you know. :)

  2. Thanks so much! Plugged the phone into the computer, synced all emails, music, created folders for photos of me and photos of im doing ok! Like a mini pc, its awesome.