Wednesday, July 6, 2011

You Might be a Dyke, But You're Still a Woman. Shave, Dammit!

Alright, ladygays, time for a little lesson. It might be an uncomfortable one, but it is more than necessary. Let's talk about hairy kitties.

(nope, no girl kitty pix, sorry!)

Ladies, come on now. Being a lesbian does NOT give you a license to avoid shaving. There's nothing worse than getting hot 'n' heavy, opening her pants, and seeing this horrifically large bush.

(you didn' t think I was gonna show a real bush, did you?)

C'mon now ladies, remember what your mamas taught you at puberty? Well you might not be trying to entice men like they were, but when it comes to body hair, the same rules apply. 



If you don't remember that, faggettes, you just might be going home with these.
(yes girls get them too!)

Remember, gurlfags, bare is beautiful.


  1. Right on! This is some of the best advice I've seen posted by an older lesbian to the younger, often insecure lesbians who were considering a little gender non conformity by not shaving.

    Let's remind them, altogether now: "You are a woman. Only men can do that!"

    While you're at it, why don't you remind them to stop acting "like men" too. They might be dykes but they are still women. Wear a dress dammit. All those rules were made for a reason.

  2. with deference to mimi lesbians come in all varieties...from stone butch to ultra femme. i personally like this. it would otherwise be like going to the fruit stand and finding all they sell is bananas no peaches. how BORING!

    btw you will never catch me in a dress. and i love my peaches shaved! nice write. ;D

  3. LOL Glad you ladies liked the post! I had to find a tactful, at least borderline humorous way to do this, but I was astounded at the younger genderqueers on Genderqueer Revolution talking about how if you are bending, there is no need to attend to body hair. Um, no. I don't wear dresses, but I do get my (very short, but still) hair done, and I am well groomed and I smell nice.
    Plus, these days, many men do that as well. So tidying up body hair is no affront to one's "masculine side."

  4. Nauti, I was being sarcastic.

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  6. oh my bad mimi. guess i was reading too literally. ;D

  7. LOL Mimi. Just my personal view, really. If ladies want to be hairy, its a free country, they can. I personally find it...not attractive, though. And a lot of other butches do, too. Hence the post.