Wednesday, July 20, 2011

OMFG Beach Hottie!

So, as you all well know, I am rounding up the last day of the annual family vacation. It's been OK, a little boring, but I also went off a few times and did my own thing to balance out the big dose of family. On one such outing, I met a "straight" girl in the lazy river. 

Let me tell ya, dykes, she was OMFG ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! But I know better. I swear I know better. Or do I?

Of course I do! But, the thing is, 'mos, SHE spoke to ME first! We were just floating there, in the lazy river with everyone else.

Then, she started talking to me, and Wouldn't STOP. Something tells me her gaydar went off!

So, of course, that meant that she latched on to me. But she also insisted that she is straight. However, her straightness and my gayness did not stop her from inviting me on a nighttime swim and a dip in the jacuzzi. 

I kept reminding myself how OMFG STRAIGHT she was, but she kept flirting. And we all know how much self control I have when it comes to pretty straight girls. Therefore, you can very well imagine what this led to. 

Now, ladyfags, I swore off straight girls a long time ago. Crushing on them and running after them never ends in anything but heartbreak. But...if she was so straight, would she have been hooking up with me? Things that make ya go hmmmm...

At any rate...who cares? A good hook up is the icing on the cake for the perfect gay beach vacay!


  1. As Alice said on The L-Word, "Everyone's straight until they're not." So, this sounds like a Grease-like "Summer Nights"-style story. Bravo! Just remember, fooling around and having fun with "straight" women (I put "straight" in quotes because yeah, they're not so straight if they're hooking up with another woman) is fine so long as it's just fun. Where you go off the rails is if you start getting emotional... THAT'S when it goes from fun to annoying. So have fun, and if she starts getting more intense, just tell her that you don't date "straight" women... you'll do everything else, but dating is reserved for queer girls and beyond. THEN see if she's still so "straight"....

  2. I agree with Taliesin. Yeah, a hook up is a hook up is a hook up. :) If neither party is looking to get married and just wants to have a little fun, then why not? Enjoy yourself, I say!!

  3. She went home today. She also lives 4 hours from me. So, to that end...there's really no chance of anything developing. NGL, I got stars in my eyes, though. The crush(or whatever it is) will just go away if I can't see her, which I can't. So yeah, all in good fun! I won't be making a habit of this, though.

    Thanks for the feedback!