Sunday, August 26, 2012

Man Hating Feminist Dyke- Not I!

Whew! Lessies! I'm back. I hate that I abandoned this place for so long, but I have had sooooo much going on. Anyway, you lovely ladies deserve an explanation, so, alas, here it is! Firstly, I have been all caught up blogging for Veracity Stew. As a 

y'all know I simply can't give up the chance to voice the truth about the radical right. I have quite a few articles there, and that's my author link! Check me out! 

Also, I have been building my online IT business

as I prepare the rest of my life. 

I'm also totes single again (what else is new?) and really wish it weren't so. However, you know what they say..better to be single than with Ms. Wrong. 

But don't worry, this dykedellic place will always be my baby. I might lag sometimes, but I promise I'll always come back. It is important to have a platform though, which brings me to what inspired me to post here tonight. In my speaking out against the 

that the lady- hating GOP

is waging, I was accused of being...wait for it....


Now, this simply is not true. I absolutely do not hate men. I hate it when they won't respect my being a lesbian, when they make sexual advances, and, most of all, when they try to control women's health because 

but some men- and many ignorant, overly religious women- seem to think otherwise.

Speaking out against men making decisions about things that simply do not concern them and which they certainly don't understand does not mean I am a man- hating dyke. It means I am a smart, independent woman who knows her own mind, and realizes that the government does not belong in my vagina, and I don't need a panel of men to make my health decisions. 

Yes, boys, I am a 

But, for the last time, it doesn't mean I hate you. The end.