Sunday, July 10, 2011

I Hit On My Friend's Mom!

 So I hooked up with a classmate from high school for some food, fun and booze this weekend. Turns out his mom is OMFG SUPER HOT. And nice, too. And just about damn near the PERFECT MILF.
(no this isn't a real pic of her, I wouldn't do that to my friend!)
Something tells me I am developing a MILF FETISH, Dykes! I've always liked older women for their intellect, but never have I had these feelings of OMFG LUST toward a woman that much older. Seriously, I was on her like a dog in heat.
(but only in my mind, I was polite, I swear)

But I totes can't date my bud's mom...and besides that, she is straight. She loves the gays though! And was totes ok with my *ahem* subtle advances.

So, 'mosexuals, this seems to be a new development in dating for Shannon. Any of you other under forty ladies finding these older women hot these days?


  1. I soooo have a thing for older women, older straight women - even better. My friends keep me away from their mothers and aunts... Yep, I have been THAT bad :)

  2. LOL aren't they great! But yeah, friends' relatives are off limits!