Thursday, March 31, 2011

Series: Debkunking Dyke Myths

Myth #1: Lesbians Hate Men

    This is simply untrue. End of story. Now, straight boys, when you see a lady who looks like this
 Chances are you recognize that she is (possibly) a lesbian right away. AMIRITE???

What you might also (incorrectly) assume is that she will not, give you, a straight dude, the time of day. While this may be true on a romantic level, it is not, however, necessarily true on a friend level. Listen carefully, stereotype- happy straight men: the idea that all lesbians hate you, and that we will not be your friends is a complete myth. If you don't believe me, next time you see a lesbian, walk up, strike up a conversation. I promise she won't run you off. That is, unless you hit on her. That's a story for another myth though. 

Calling All Gay Ladies!

You know who you are, lovers! Dykes, female bodied homogays, queer women, bois, butches, femmes, and so on, you get the picture!

This is the place for you. Ever wondered where all the other lesbians are? Yeah, me too. Well, look no more (I hope). Here we have yet another place on the interwebs to congregate. So, slink on over after you're done buying your latest order of organic groceries, and maybe, just maybe, that cute barista you've been eying every day at the local Starbucks will show up here too, and, even if she doesn't, we'll teach you how to snag  her. So, come on in, and we'll all teach each other how to be the most fabulous lesbians EVAH!