Friday, September 30, 2011

Series: Dykin' It Up: Episode 2: Masc vs Femme: The Lesbian Version

Yup, the "Series" posts are back, dykes! And this time, we address something that is a kind of ongoing issue with both gay men and gay women: That good ol' Masculine/Feminine Debate.

This is a complex issue, and one with many sides. We've all seen the profiles on mainstream gay sites where gay men have lines that go something like THIS:
As if there is something wrong with being *ahem* visibly gay.

Also, there is, as evidenced by the shot above, often an element of weight prejudice and racism, but That is a story for another day.

So, how does this apply to us, lesbos? I'll tell you. There is definitely a divide between Butches/Bois and Femmes. Femmes often feel invisible.  

I see it all over the internet, femmes constantly looking for ways to OMFG PROVE THEIR QUEERNESS, almost to the point of starting a 
Which I think is great for them. I've no idea what it's like to walk into a gay bar and have people think I am straight. I am pretty sure I'd be horrified, and these lovely ladies endure that on the regular. So this leads to the aforementioned 

Femmes feel invisible, and as if they aren't queer enough, and are therefore intimidated by women who look like THIS:
on a night out with the lesbians. It seems no matter how much rainbow regalia they wear, we butches don't give them the time of day because we assume they are straight. There is also the resentment at the heterosexual privilege that femmes enjoy that we butches, bois, and genderqueers will never know. We feel like we have it harder- and we do- than our femme counterparts, because we simply can't fit as well into mainstream society.I mean you are a whole lot less likely to get gay bashed if you look like THIS
than the hot butch above.

There is all of this to address, and so much more. So let's start a dialogue, Dykes. How do we bridge this divide? You tell me. All I know is that it isn't a good thing.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

It's Official: Yes, I Am a Whore

So, I have been thinking lately (surprising, I know). I am ready to be in a relationship, finally. Yup, that's right, dykes! Shannon is ready to date after three years of the single life.
I spent all that time getting to know myself, but hey, a girl's got needs. We all know how Shannon likes to get it on.

But to that end, three years girlfriendless, but not sexless, means that there simply must have been a lot of random women. A WHOLE lot. But, with so many drunken, passion filled nights, how's a girl to know how many people she's fucked? Well, thank goodness for modern technology! Of course, the logical thing to do in this situation is to break out the old cell phones.
I spent three hours this afternoon going through several phones from the last three years (luckily I keep them rather than throwing them out), and meticulously counting through the address books, happening upon entries like "girl from the beach- closet case" and "Married but hot in the sack." After all of this, I came up with a MONSTROUS number, dykes. I have slept with 287 women in approximately the last three years. At first, I thought "WHOA, PLAYA!" But, then I thought: I am OMFG A TOTAL WHORE! I have always hated that stereotype about gay people. And here I am, living it out. So, dykes, what does this say about me? Would you date someone with that kind of track record? Or is it ok?

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

When You Encounter the Nasty Where You Least Expect It

And no, we are not talking about sex here. We are talking about the ultimate nasty: bigotry. 
On my new site, The New Gay Social Network, one of the members there blogged what pretty much amounted to a transphobic rant, and I actually cried, because I lost a friend yesterday. 

But, after that initial shock and hurt, I got angry, lesbos. I mean like seeing Red. I am going to post what I blogged in response, and I think it should be pretty self explanatory what she said, when you are done reading this. Here goes:

The Worst Kind of Bigotry is...

Published by: Shannon on 6th Sep 2011 | View all blogs by Shannon
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When you express it against your own kind. Yes, I am going to be childish and bitch in my first blog entry on this brand new, shiny website, and answer a blog entry that I found most disturbing.
 A member right here expressed the same bigoted BS that we hear from straight people all the time: essentially, "why do we have to be so gay?!?!?" It was pretty much what amounts to a rant against ultra femme gay men and really butch lesbians. I have a problem with this because well, it is, essentially, a rant bordering on transphobia. It was wrought with disgust, disdain, and shame with people who fall outside that boring ass heteronormative gender binary representing our community. Her argument? People who view us that way will not vote in favor of our rights. Well, newsflash, you StockHolm Syndrome suffering bigot: THE PEOPLE WHO FEEL THAT WAY WERE NEVER ANYTHING BUT RAGING HOMOPHOBES ANYWAY. THEY WERE NOT VOTING IN YOUR FAVOR IN THE FIRST PLACE. BUTCH, FEMME, IN BETWEEN- DOESN'T MATTER. WE'RE ALL (pardon the language) FAGS AND DYKES TO THEM.

Also, attitudes like that are the reason people think it's ok to attack people for "looking gay" or "acting gay." As someone who has been a victim of such an attack, I take extra special offense to this bigoted bullshit, especially coming from one our own. It is dangerous ignorance at it's worst. 

So get off your high horse, quit enjoying your heterosexal privilege (and make no mistake, the less "obviously gay" among us definitely enjoy that privilege) and remember that it was people like those of us, butch lesbians, flamboyant gay men, trans people, drag queens- you know, those people who you spewed such disdain and disgust at in what is supposed to be a safe haven for ANYONE in the queer community, including those you hate so much and wish would go away- who are the reason you have the rights you DO have. You should be thanking them, not condemning them.

Also, get a lesson in LGBT history. It's obvious you know absolutely nothing about your own people. Shameful.
Now, dykes, we all know Shannon has OMFG ANGER ISSUES.
She likes to rant and rave. Putting people on blast is a bit of a hobby. That temper often goes into high gear, and woe betide you if you are the target of her wrath. However, here, I feel totally justified. What do you think? Was I? Or is this just another case of my flying off the handle? Apologies for the lack of pretty pictures and snappy quips, this time, 'mos. Promise to make it up to ya. But this is a serious issue, and I don't want to take away from the content.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Bill Maher is My Hero!

I have found someone new to look up to, lesbos! I cannot believe I was never into this man before. Now, many of y'all know of my painful past with organized religion, and the struggles I have had with God vs. Gay. And how I was told to OMFG

So, for obvious reasons, I absolutely hate organized religion, believe the religious indoctrination of children to be nothing but child abuse, and spend much of my spare time railing against it in conjunction with my LGBT rights activism. So, how, in the world, dykes, did I not know more about Bill Maher? 

Well, he is a militant anti- religionist's dream come true, my friends! In his witty, humorous way, he bluntly spends his career railing fundamentalists for their hypocrisy, violence, blind following, and attempted dangerous indoctrination in a way that everyone can enjoy, religious and non- religious alike. Here is the video that turned me on to him, ladyfags, as he simply tells Christians they pretty much cannot be violent assholes and call themselves followers of Christ. Enjoy!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

I Have a New Social Network!

Well dykes, unfortunately one of the best sites on the internet for the LGBT community, Connexion, is closing its doors. Shannon is very sad. 
However, there is good news! I have opened a new website. The New Gay Social Network is just waiting for you all to join! So come on over and check it out for all your girl/girl lovin' needs!