Thursday, June 23, 2011

Debate: What Do We Call Our Totally Rad Straight Boys?

Well c - munchers, I am sure this is not the first time this debate has been opened, and I am sure it will not be the last. I was talking to some fellow boiz on Facebook earlier, and the topic came up of what to call our male buddies who happen to like like women, but are perfectly cool being just friends with lesbians.
Well, gay men have the Fag Hag.

Now, since this term has slowly but surely become synonymous with not straight girls who simply have gay guys as friends, but with slightly(or more than slightly) overweight, socially awkward, desperate straight women who just hang around a bunch of gays because they struck out with their own community socially and romantically, they have adopted an alternative term, the Fruit Fly.
This one tends to refer to the perfectly normal straight girls who happen to have a few gay men in their friend circle.

So what are we to call our straight guy friends, lesbos?
seems to be a somewhat acceptable term; there is even a column on AfterEllen entitled Lesbros. But it doesn't seem to have caught on with everyone like "Fag Hag" and "Fruit Fly" have for the straight women who latch on to gay men. Some people say "Fag Stag." But that doesn't make much sense, because that could easily be straight men who hang out with gay men(and more than likely is). One of the lovely bois in my new favorite Facebook group came up with "Stud Bud." 

So whataya think, dykes? I am sure our awesome straight boys are so sad that they don't have a special label.

So let's vote on a label for them! Lesbro, Stud Bud, Fag Stag, or anything else you'd like to consider! Let's give our boys a name!


  1. As one of the aforementioned "straight but not narrow"-type dudes, I'm partial to the term "lesbro". It's discriptive... not only do some of my lesbian friends refer to me as a "big/little brother" figure, but many of my sapphic friends RAE my "bros"... we talk movies, books, music, and then have debates on who the hottest women in sci-fi are (I vote Kaylee on "Firefly")...

    Besides, "stud bud"? Using the word "stud" in any proximity to myself makes me giggle....

  2. OL Taliesin, the word "stud" in "stud bud" refers to the lesbian. She is the stud, you are the bud. But one vote for lesbro!

  3. How 'bout dyke mikes? Bian bens? Lesmen? Menbians?

  4. I like Dyke Mikes! All good suggestions, wbtphdjd!
    So many choices...

  5. Stud Bud is great for the butches/genderqueers/studs, Jess. We can let the femmes have lesbro.