Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Why Lady GaGa is My Shero and Should Be Yours Too.

Yo, dykes! What's shakin'? I'll tell ya what's shakin. Lady Gaga. And not just shakin' her ass whilst dancing on stage, either.
You see, lesbos, Lady Gaga is one of our biggest allies, in case you didn't know. This Lady(pun intended) is making waves and changing our world right before our eyes. 
She has even turned down a deal worth milions with Target due to their donating to anti- gay politicians, and she has also, in her most recent, bold, endeavor among her countless other supportive projects,has started the Born This Way Foundation to empower LGBT youth and educate people on LGBT issues. How you like them apples? Gaga is the shit, and we're lucky to have her. I salute you, Mother Monster. You are my Shero.

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