Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Season is Upon Us, Lovelies!

I missed the opportunity to make a Thanksgiving post, because it was just so damned busy. I will not bore you all with the details of my busy but uneventful extended holiday weekend, I'll just say I hope you all had a 
if you celebrate. Well, with the end of Thanksgiving, we all know what that means- the onslaught of the December Holiday Season. 
In America, that largely translates to Christmas. 
Which is fine- after all, I do celebrate the holiday in a secular sense. There's never anything wrong with giving gifts and being nice and charitable acts and all that. But, it never stops there. Never. Instead, the devoutly religious among us use this season to proselytize and attempt to force the rest of the world to celebrate in a religious sense. Hence this ridiculous, imagined War on Christmas that the GOP and their ilk are bandying on about these days. 

The sad thing is, most of these people are just too ignorant to realize two things: for one, they stole the holiday from the Pagans in the first place. It was originally the Festival of Yule. 

They don't even know the history of their own damn holiday, and yes, this includes treasured traditions of things like gifts and Christmas trees.

The second thing the fiercely defensive and blindly religious do not realize is that, yes, there are other systems of belief out there. Really. Not everyone is a Christian. To recognize that is not to OMFG ATTACK CHRISTIANITY, but to recognize that there are seven billion people on this planet, and not all of them have the same beliefs that you do. There are several holidays of several systems of belief during this time of year. So, to that end, does it really kill you that much to say 

and respect these basic facts? I know I am probably preaching to the choir here, dykes, but, if I seem to become increasingly grouchy as the season rolls by, there ya have it. I'm thinking by the end, I'll have turned this into an entire series post: The Things That Piss Me Off About the Holiday Season or some such. Stay tuned- gonna be a loooonnnngggg month of December. 

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