Friday, November 18, 2011

Series: Dykin' It Up:Episode 5: Playa Playa!

Yup, it's that time, lesbos! Another series post. This one is an ongoing issue for us *ahem* Single dykes.
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We all know what it's like. We're cruisin,' hittin' the bars, the gay dating sites, and just having a good time while looking for, you know, her. The proverbial, ever- illusive
But hey, finding *ahem* her is often a lot harder than one might think. So, instead of fixating on the first girl we meet, sometimes we just wanna play the field.
(Famous Playa from the L Word)

But when does playing the field become OMFG I CHEATED ON MY NEW GIRL??? 

Hard to tell, really. Sometimes you start spending time with someone, and she, or you, or both of you might start considering it a relationship without actually saying that. So, in this instance, what happens to the other girls you were seeing? Do you tell them face to face, or do you simply change your Facebook Relationship Status?
After all, if you don't set this straight, dykes, in a timely, tactful fashion, you might wake up one morning to a horror like THIS:
And honestly wonder which chic did it, and who it is referring to. So, m' ladygays, how do you handle the transition from dating around to being exclusive? Or do you avoid this drama altogether by only dating one girl at a time? Somehow, I think, while the former might be more fun, the latter is certainly a lot less drama.

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