Friday, November 4, 2011

The Awesomeness That is a Straight Bride Supporting Gay Marriage

Alrighty, 'mosexuals, it is time to honor a lady I had never heard of until I signed up on Seeded Buzz. Ladies, meet Morgan,also known as Cape Code Bride. She lives in Massachusetts, the first state to allow same- sex marriage, and she is a supporter.
She runs a blog called A Cape Cod Bride, and I came across her while looking for "seeds" to plant that fit the interest of this blog,and I ran across a fabulous post of hers from January 24, 2010 entitled A Word (or Many) About Gay Marriage. 

While looking for something to post, I got a whole lot more here, lovelies. I got a lesson, an important, valuable lesson: Some straight people do get it.

While I know many loving, gay affirming straight people both online and off, they seem to simply sympathize for a moment, then go on with their lives of heterosexual privilege, never really looking to see what we go through just to live our lives in a society that says that we aren't good enough, and that it is ok to discriminate. For this reason, I had drawn a very clear line in the sand between straight folks and me as a method of self preservation. Morgan's post inspired another Ally,Tabitha, to write a heart- felt post of frustration on the subject as well. I was wrong to assume no straight person gets it at all though, as some people really are 

I hope you will all read her blog as well, and, if you had the same gay vs straight hang ups that I did, learn something from it. Also, it's a GREAT place for ideas to plan your out of this world, "budget beautiful"(her words!) Big Gay Wedding!


  1. Hi Shannon! So glad you liked my post and can see that some of us straight folks really do support equality! I live in Chicago now - a place without gay marriage - and I'm hopeful that the laws will change here soon! Thanks for reposting!

  2. Hey there!

    No, thank YOU, Morgan, for writing such an insightful post. I hope you become more well known around the gay blogosphere. We need to be mindful of excluding our allies. In the last few days, I've seen some awesome stuff written by straight people who DO get it. We sometimes, as a method of self preservation, become so wrapped up in this little bubble that we forget to thank you guys. And I hope Illinois and everywhere else gets marriage equality soon! Maybe if DOMA is repealed. In the meantime, we can hope!