Monday, November 28, 2011

My School Endorses Chik Fil A Hate!

Well, that might be a little unfair. After all, the school itself has never endorsed blatantly discriminatory practices. However, they sure as hell ignored me when I went straight to the top and voiced my concerns about Chik Fil A's track record with anti-gay organizations. 

Oh, didn't know about that? Well then, let me inform you. Chik Fil A is VERY homophobic. In fact, they donated more than $2 Million Dollars to anti- gay groups, and even explicitly admitted to not liking same sex couples.

How about that, hmmm??? 

So you guys can only imagine how OMFG ABSOLUTELY LIVID my out and proud ass was to find these fuckers at my school today with bells on. Let me tell ya, 'mosexuals, the steam is STILL coming out of my ears.

And it is not likely to stop any time soon. You see, my dykelicious ladies, I emailed the President of York Technical College here in Rock Hill, to voice my concerns after they elected to close the school dining hall in June of this year.

He initially brushed me off with some bullshit about how political positions did not play a part in choosing school vendors. Ok, fine. But I think we all know that if this were a company that endorsed racist rhetoric, they'd be allowed nowhere near here. Why is homophobia any different? It shouldn't be, but it is, and here is the proof. 
(Chik Fil A Set Up at School Today)

I warned you guys that I'd be grouchy as hell this time of year. Well, we're getting off to a fantastic start with this bigoted fuckery. Color me grinched the fuck out, today, dykes.

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