Thursday, September 1, 2011

I Have a New Social Network!

Well dykes, unfortunately one of the best sites on the internet for the LGBT community, Connexion, is closing its doors. Shannon is very sad. 
However, there is good news! I have opened a new website. The New Gay Social Network is just waiting for you all to join! So come on over and check it out for all your girl/girl lovin' needs!


  1. I deleted my profile from Connexion a few weeks ago... it just got lame.

  2. SallyDreams I loved Connexion, but it seems the best from that site, along with quite a few fresh, interesting new faces and features, have arrived on my new site. We are now approaching 300 members in just a week!

  3. Hey, the new social networking site looks really cool, but is there a reason the gender options are limited to "male" and "female"?

    I love your blog - great writing!

  4. Jess if you go down, there are options I put there myself. They encompass the entire spectrum. For whatever reason, SocialGo won't allow me to mess with the basic make up of their profile(ie, changing pre inserted questions), but I CAN add.

    Thanks so much!