Monday, September 5, 2011

Bill Maher is My Hero!

I have found someone new to look up to, lesbos! I cannot believe I was never into this man before. Now, many of y'all know of my painful past with organized religion, and the struggles I have had with God vs. Gay. And how I was told to OMFG

So, for obvious reasons, I absolutely hate organized religion, believe the religious indoctrination of children to be nothing but child abuse, and spend much of my spare time railing against it in conjunction with my LGBT rights activism. So, how, in the world, dykes, did I not know more about Bill Maher? 

Well, he is a militant anti- religionist's dream come true, my friends! In his witty, humorous way, he bluntly spends his career railing fundamentalists for their hypocrisy, violence, blind following, and attempted dangerous indoctrination in a way that everyone can enjoy, religious and non- religious alike. Here is the video that turned me on to him, ladyfags, as he simply tells Christians they pretty much cannot be violent assholes and call themselves followers of Christ. Enjoy!


  1. I love Bill Maher! You need to watch Religulous! I own it and love it. It's glorious. I also like his show on HBO.... his twitter is also veryvery funny.

  2. Thanks Sally! Will definitely check it out! I've been watching him on YouTube all day.