Monday, January 30, 2012

Series:Dykin' It Up: Episode 6: Coming Out

Yo Lesbos! Yup, you guessed it, time for another series post. Now, there have been many things we have discussed here, from homophobia to sex. However, it seems I have left out one of the most basic triumphs any LGBT person can achieve: 

Now, anyone who is here probably knows how hard coming out is, and we all  have our stories. Here is mine, and I'd like you to share yours as well, right in the comments!

I consider October 1,1996 to be my out date. But the thing is dykes, I didn't come out. I had the dreaded Involuntary Outing happen to me. It all started with a crush on a cheerleader.

Typical, I know. But my mistake was telling the wrong person, and have her tell the whole school. Needless to say, in a southern high school in the 90's, this meant that the rest of my high school life was a living hell. It even got so bad that kids threw eggs at me and screamed homophobic slurs. 

But, little did she know, that backstabbing ex- friend did me a favor. She outed me so that I wouldn't have to out myself. I've always been "clockable" as gay. And, while it has certainly not been smooth sailing, it is a whole lot easier to just tell people rather than having them whisper behind my back. I've been out and proud for 16 years now, and, despite the hardships, I wouldn't have it any other way.

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