Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Homos, Homos, EVERYWHERE!

Well dykes, now that I have graduated, and have definite plans to move away from this homophobic southern hellhole, I am in limbo. I spend my days working back in the old school bookstore

while I wait to leave. 

Now, 'mos, as you can well guess, this environment, while far from a terrible job, is often a bastion of heteronormativity, which can be quite overwhelming for a dyke like me.
But, little did I know, yesterday, there was gasp! relief on the horizon. As I was busily stocking shelves and assisting customers, in walk these two adorable gay guys. 
It seemed that their gaydar went off with me immediately (as it almost always does when I encounter family), and they made an OMFG BEELINE FOR ME before another associate could approach them. They were soooo cute and sweet,and promised to ask for me when they returned. I looked happily after them as they left, with warm rainbow hearts in my eyes and a great warm fuzzy feeling that only other queers can give me.


As if that weren't enough of a treat, the cute little butch dyke that always asks to be waited on by me came in like an hour after my new gay boy pals! 

She's been coming in every semester asking me to collect her books for her since I've been working there. Of course, she, too, immediately felt that BLUE STREAK OF RECOGNITION that all queers feel when we encounter one of our own. She has the cutest green shamrock tattoo on her neck, and always has a kind word and a smile for me, and lets me know she knows with her smile and her wink(not to mention the double venus necklace).
Of course, she's a baby dyke, and even if I were single(happily, I am not!) I wouldn't date her. But, once again, it's refreshing to find a little gay even in the straightest of environments.

Here's to making life more bearable in hetero land. 



  1. The girl with the tat on her neck is Lauren Timberlake. She's cool! Me and her are in a lot of classes together. :3

  2. LOL Adoara I never knew her name. She rocks.