Monday, October 24, 2011

Series: Dykin' It Up: Episode 4: Closeted VS. Out

Alrighty, Lesbos, here's another Great Divide post, since, by now, y'all know how I feel about all the crazy division within our own community. But this is a little different; ie, this is a divide I understand. The constant battle between queers who are 
Those who have the balls to be OUT.
Now, fags, I do realize that people have their reasons for  being in the closet. There is, of course, the usual reason: RELIGION.
By now, you all know my story, and you know how much complete disdain I have for organized religion of any kind. I do realize, however, that it can be difficult to stop trying to pray your gay away, and even more difficult to prove to your ignorant religious relatives that it cannot be done. So, instead, you keep trying.

The next usual reason is of course fear of losing family and friends.
(See reason #1 for the usual origin of such fears)
So yes, my fellow muff lovers, I do get that various people have their reasons for being closeted. But I also disagree with 99% of them. Furthermore, where there's a will there's a way. If you want to be out and proud, you will. 
(Just one wave of a pride flag in public- that's all you need!)
Now, before you all start yelling and decide I am a horrible, judgmental person, hear me out, mmmk? 

I get that it is OMFG NOT MY DECISION as to when someone comes out. But it is, however, my decision as to how I react to it. I absolutely, positively will not date a closeted woman. Ever. For any reason. 

But on the flip side, they would more than likely not bend to my demands to come out, and I certainly would not bend to their wills to become closeted again. This is usually the consensus when I have this conversation with other openly gay people. However, admittedly, I do not know many closeted people. So, those of you not yet Out, this is your turn to shine. Why are you closeted? Do you plan to come out? If not, why not?

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