Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Happy National Coming Out Day!

I hope you all had an enjoyable one. If you were in the closet, I hope you found the courage to use today to come out to at least one person, or, even better, come all the way out and wave that Pride Flag
high, loud, and proud. If you were already out, I hope you found a few random people to come out to today, like I did, and have every year since I have been aware that we had a day just for Coming out. My people this year? Random people in a convenience store. 
Before I asked for my cigarettes and flashed my ID, I simply said to the clerk, "Happy National Coming Out Day!" 

He gave me that blank, but obligatory smile we have all seen on the faces of store clerks 
and said in a confused tone, "Excuse me?" 
So, I patiently explained to him that I am gay and that it is National Coming Out day and that 
to him. He looked confused, and so did the woman in line behind me, so I grinned at him, asked for my cigs while flashing my ID,  happily took my change, flashed him my most winning smile, and left. I am sure he, and the women in line, thought I was insane, but so be it, win some, lose some, and, at the end of the day, I honored National Coming Out Day 2011 by coming out to someone new, and that is what is important. This day should be important to ALL LGBT people and allies. I will leave you with the most beautiful video I have seen advocating LGBT rights in a long time. Hope your National Coming Out Day was a good one, Dykes.

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