Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Series: Debkunking Dyke Myths

Myth #2: We Just Haven't Found the Right Man.

Told ya  part of the last myth was a story for another dayWell, wait no more, for that day has arrived!  While most lesbians will happily befriend a straight man, THIS

just isn't what rocks our world. End of story. Get it?

 When you start spewing ignorance about how we just need to experience you and then all will be well, we are likely to never talk to you again. Why, you ask? Are we unable to just give you a chance? The answers to those are simple: it isn't about you. Lesbians don't need "the right man." There is no right man. If there were, we wouldn't be LESBIANS.See where I am going with this? I hope so. I understand that this can ruffle feathers and hurt fragile egos. But hey, sometimes, the truth hurts.

The thing is THIS

is what does it for us. Nothing, not even the most perfect man in the world, will ever change that.You know why, because, while there may be some dudes out there who are damn near close to perfect, NONE of them are perfect for us.

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