Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Online Dating: The Best Route to Girl Groovin'?

You would think with the world at our fingertips, that anyone who didn't want to be single wouldn't. 

Alas, I am quite sure that even though we are joined at the hip with our laptops these days, that does not mean that the key to true love has necessarily been found within.

Now listen up, 'mosexuals. When I go without, I get cranky. And a cranky Shannon is no fun for anyone. Lemme, tell ya, I'm being straight up on that one. Now there is always the option of you know, the dreaded One Nighter. 

We've all  been there. We've all done it. But I am 30 years old. About to graduate. Time to quit that shit. Wouldn't you lovely ladies agree?
Thought so.

So now, I am looking for TRUE LOVE. You know, my ONE AND ONLY. But, even with tens of thousands, perhaps more, women on the internet, I have had no luck. I have, however come across some awesome gay sites. AfterEllen is a great pop culture, news, and advice site with a rather active forum, for example. Lesbotronic is a REALLY private site that offers forums, and a separate section for personals. There are also people who say match.com and EHarmony might give good results as well. But I am broke and cheap and hell will freeze over before I pay for that. So, whataya think, queers? Is online dating the way to go to find Everlasting dyke love?


  1. I've found that all of my long-term relationships have started online. Maybe it's because it gives us more time to get to know each other before hormones and sexy times start clouding our judgement, or maybe it's just my state of mind and what I'm looking for at the time, I honestly don't know. Mostly, I think that there's no wrong way to meet people.

  2. There is never a wrong way, you are right. But I actually am excited about all the lesbian sites out here, but, despite the interesting people I have met, it never goes anywhere, and I start to wonder if my excitement was for nothing. So I created this place, a light- hearted hangout for humor- loving lesbians. Hopefully it takes off. Thanks for the comment!

  3. I met my wife on yahoo personals in 2007 and we are still doing great! Talked 4 months before we met, but I lived in AZ and her in Philly so the miles apart spoiled our Uhaul plans. lol Somebody needs to tell her however, I need more sexy time!!!