Saturday, June 23, 2012

Shannon is a Youtubing Atheist!

Yo, Lesbos! I am sorry I have not been around, but, Guess WHAT???

Well, after months and months of scrimping and pinching to make ends meet, Shannon finally has a gasp! Job. 

Yep, Lesbos, I am back in the restaurant world, working in a sub shop.

(You stalkers didn't think I was gonna tell you which one I work at, did you??)

Between that and freelance writing on Surface Earth, I have been one busy little dyke! Anyway, as usual, I am all over the net, promoting our cause, so you guys should like, totally check me out. I even gave you the link! Click!

But, on to why this post is here. Yep, dykes, I have crossed over into being not just an atheist, but a YouTubing Atheist.

Now, y'all know by now how much I OMFG HATE ORGANIZED RELIGION. 

Well, now, I have taken that a step further, dykes, and joined the thousands of youtubers who have decided to expose the harms of religion to the rest of the thinking world. What does this have to do with being a lesbian you ask? Well, I'll tell ya! Or rather, I'll show ya. Firstly, here is a video on the absurdity of the LGBT THEIST.

And, for the very last time, no matter how much you ask, 
Here is why:

I don't mean to sound harsh with that last line, lovelies, but I guess I am just way past tired of people telling me how wrong I am for that deal breaker. 

Anyway, again, I am sooooo sorry for my absence! Did y'all miss me? I promise to be more *ahem* regular in my postings. Hope you enjoy the vids!  Ta Ta!


  1. hi, sweetie,
    yay for doing the vids. haven't watched yet but can't wait and will be subscribing anon.

    i hope your getting nearer to your dream move (if that's still what you want) and all's good on the love front.

    peronally, i'm like: men! pffff! i've put them all behind me *innuendo siren*
    i'll stick to cats (ewww, not like that!)

    besides, i'm not too much fun to be around so it's hardly a loss to mankind. i'm JUST about holding off a full blown depression, circling the abyss, (fun, fun, fun!)
    i only mention it because you've written about it too. thank you for that because it's a bit of a taboo: gays are the happy, happy, munckin folk; but also a cliche: loveless unfulfilled homosexuals set on inevitable suicidal spiral (really, someone should write a book about that or a film)

    as a fellow mentalist maybe we could compare axe collections...i prefer a double-bladed halbert for my psychotic mad axeman rampages, since you ask :P

    ahh well, you've got to laugh... or…ATTEND SCHOOL REUNION WITH CROSSBOW!!!

    too dark? lol

    now i'm off to critique your performance. it better be good now!


    1. LOL You always make me smile! I hope I can make you smile,too. Don't go getting all depressed on me now! Holla if you need me.

    2. Oh and re: gays and depression: I think of writing about that here, but I think it would suck the humor out of the blog. Please let me know that you are ok!

      No,not too dark, either, but I am a little worried. :(

    3. awww, bless you for being concerned, but you needn't be; that lovely human moment has given me just the fillip i needed!

      i guess the universe is not such a dark, cold, empty place after all… if we overlook the cosmologically fallaciousness of any such assertion. ;)

  2. the jury is back and the verdict is…

    you came across as authoritative and classy, i felt like i should be pulling my socks up and straightening my tie lol. (i imagined you sounding a lil' more country, albeit refined... no way would you ever decipher my scouse accent!)

    i think you succeeded in putting your case across without hectoring and with warmth and humanity which is not always easy to communicate when the same ideas or set out in text.
    i think humaneness and humour are always the best ways to defeat these puritans and their joyless world view. or failing that: cluster bombs.

    you remind me of zinnia -- which is a no bad thing -- and to my ear you are similar vocally and in speech patterns. equally watchable, too.

    ... that said, i've only watched a couple, so the others could be absolute drek :P

    1. LOL I think it is the theater classes, the English teacher mother, and the living in other areas of the country that relieved me of the hick accent, thankfully!

      Some of the videos are better than others. There are 12 up, and I will be adding at least 1 or 2 more on my days off tomorrow and Friday.

      I love Zinnia! That is definitely a compliment. The vid quality sucks because I am doing it in my bedroom. The sub shop job is so that I can get to SF! YES I STILL WANT OUT. LOL.

      No atheist dyke in her right mind would WANT to live in South Carolina.

      And re: humanity- it is not my intention to belittle theists.It is my intention to explain why I have no respect for the beliefs themselves, and why if people believe that nonsense that I can be casual friends, or even close friends, but with such different world views, dating is out. It doesn't make them bad people, but it does make them incredibly misguided.