Monday, May 14, 2012

Evolving: What Lessons Will We Learn?

Happy Monday, lovelies! Firstly, I'd like to wish a belated 
to all  the dykelicious mommies among us. 

Hope it was a good one if you have kids, or if your relationship with your mother is a good one. If your situation is anything like mine, it was a trial at best, and you are probably breathing a 

that it is over until next year. However, I gotta say that our President's big announcement softened the GREAT GAY DEBATE in my favor. That's right, dykes, you heard me right. President Barack Obama finally

and came out in support of Marriage Equality this past week.
(as if you hadn't already heard).

Well, what did this mean for Shannon, you ask? Well, it might- notice I said might- mean that the tide is shifting in my favor where my mother is concerned. You see, dykes, for the longest,my mother was the world's biggest homophobe. She even once agreed with the likes of Maggie Gallagher

right in front of me, as we watched the news together. Times are a changin,' though. You see, my mother OMFG IDOLIZES our lovely President. So, in her eyes, even if she doesn't necessarily agree, she certainly takes a more tolerant stance. This is great news for me, because we were on the road to becoming COMPLETELY ESTRANGED

over this issue. It had really gotten to the point where I was just done, lesbos. Done with the lack of acceptance, done with the judgment, done with the religion, done with the willful ignorance. I was ready to walk out of here and never look back, for I refuse to live my life under the thumbs of people who will never love me as I am. However, President Obama rode in on his white horse
(of course it was a unicorn, we're GAY!)

and possibly saved not just the day, but our lives on this one. I hope his revelations had similar effects on other LGBT people struggling for acceptance from families.This will never be an easy issue, nor will it be one without pain. However, I hope it helps some of you at least remain on speaking terms with your relatives, rather than joining the growing number of Generation Xers who are cutting off all contact with their families. I know it  helped me, so, from the bottom of my heart, thank you Mr.President.


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  2. This is the kind of story I needed to hear about the "Big POTUS Coming Out" (because so far it has all been about politics). My mother is on the camp of the estranged, so I hope that this historical event will prove to be a pivotal point for yours.

    1. You know, if your mother hears it from a source she trusts, rather than you, some other activist, gay people/gay friendly people,et miiigghhtt help. That is how it happened with my mother. Suddenly, the same arguments came from someone she respects and admires, and while she might never be a rainbow flag waving ally, she doesn't seem to feel the same revulsion, and she seems to see things through a lens of intelligence, not close minded religious dogma. Remove the Us vs them mentality from the argument, and the defense is gone. My mom will never march in a Pride parade or anything like that, but I'd like a situation where she could meet my partner,etc rather than leaving here and never seeing her again. It won't be perfect, but it is something.

      I know how painful estrangement is..hang in there, and come chat anytime, or email if you like.