Friday, August 23, 2013

Dating, Fitness, And Other Life Jazz

Heya, lady lovers! Well, I said I was back, and I meant it. I hope you all survived those few months without me without spontaneously combusting. But, now that I am back, my brain has had many light bulb moments when it comes to this place. 

You see, beautiful queers, I had forgotten how much I had missed writing this blog until I sat down, and, you know, WROTE. I think I just needed to get to that settled headspace where I could just churn it all out like I used to, though, and I needed to take time to get there, and that's ok. 

Well, aside from the stuff I mentioned before, I am totally committed to getting things back together, now that I am in a place to do it. I am now out of what had begun to turn into a toxic relationship with a total 

No, seriously, girl fags, I let myself go in my absence here. I had lost all of my self- esteem somehow, and wound up with this chic who controlled the fuck outta me. She even took my bed off its beautiful frame, and said that was the only way she'd stay over. There was other stuff as well, of course, and eventually, I broke it off with her. After that, I decided to do some SOUL SEARCHING.

Now, I am totally on a fitness kick, and I am just enjoying being single. Remember how OMFG every. single. post. seemed to be about finding the right girl or thinking I had found the right girl, only to have to tell y'all about (another) break up in the next post? Well, no more! I am working on me, homosexuelles, and there ain't nothing wrong with that. 

I am eating right, exercising, and loving myself more than ever. That brings me to the reason for this post, m'ladies. Ever get to where it feels like you're hunting for love, and it feels like finding it is OMFG THE ONLY THING that will make you happy?

Now listen to me, lesbos. There's a reason looking for happiness in that way never works. It's because you have to be happy single before you can be happy coupled. Now, for reals. Hear me out, dykes, because I know what I am talking about here. Know why so many queerelles go Uhaulin' off into the sunset, only to break up later?

Aside from the obvious- they likely moved too fast, too soon- the more important part is this: they weren't happy with themselves. Nah, for real, they weren't. Believe me, I've done it. Take my advice, join me on this self- improvement kick before you go hunting for Ms. Right. You know, become more well- read, or more in- tune with yourself and who you are.

I wish I'd had some too- nosy blogger to tell me this a few months ago. Perhaps I'd have not been through some of what I've been through. 

What's that? You did all this while I was away, you say? Well then! I guess you're all set. Not that it's any of my damn business what any of you lady lovin' ladies do with yourselves, but still, take my advice, no matter where ya are in this journey called life, looking for love rarely ends in anything but heartache. Let Cupid strike you when you're not looking. 

I'm not shitting you, dykes, when I say it saves a lot of heartache. Happy living!

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