Sunday, March 11, 2012

It's My Birthday, Y'all!

Yup, Lovelies, I am turning thirty- one today. Blech! Gettin' old. I mean it this time. In fact

has been steadily stalking my email inboxes. Also, I found gasp! yet another gray hair

just a few weeks ago, putting my grand total up to two. However...never fear!

Shannon is giving herself the best birthday gift of all: the gift of 

Let me tell ya lovelies, this is a much needed gift, because my anti- theist RAGE has been consuming me in epic proportions lately. This is unsurprising, because as we all know by now..


However, since I do not have the power to deprogram the world's theists, but can hardly tolerate completely ignoring them, I have done the next best thing, and given myself the gift of secular humanism.

Same thing as atheism, minus the need for rage, and with a bonafide Humanist Manifesto that is a perfectly wonderful way to answer the questions about morals and values to theists, and great ways to keep from going all nutso on them. This was greatly needed. Happy Birthday to me indeed. I do recommend reading the Manifesto linked here, dykes. I promise you, better than any false holy book, guaranteed. Morality minus the dieties and the guilt. Sounds good to me!


  1. happy b'day, old gal! : ) *raises a toast in your honour*
    don't you worry 'bout a couple of gray hairs, that ain't shit… just wait 'till the first gray pube -- SERIOUSLY depressing! (i imagine…i 'm waaaay to young to know! (cough.) lol

    1. Awww thanks babe! I am a little depressed, because I broke up with the theist (hence the emphasis on the rage against religion). Plus, I was supposed to be gone by now. Thanks again, sweetness! Muah!

  2. yeah, i was wondering how the "unpleasentness" would augur for the plans for SF.

    i hope you still go. selfishly i was really exited for your move (probably cuz i was rereading "tales of the city" -- i love those silly books.) i was gonna sugest you do a vlog about the move to sf (it's a dream move for many a homosexualist, still.) maybe call it "ShannFrancicso" or "Go West, Young Shann!"

    however it pans out i'm sure you'll succeed. you deserve to, as you're one of the good guys. now go out and get trolleyed!

    1. Oh, I am going. But it became a $$ issue. I didn't find a high rolling IT job..I am a web assistant and that barely pays the bills. No moving to one of the most expensive cities in the country like that. So..yeah.

      I was gonna blog or vlog it and still am. No worries though, intentions of staying in this shithole. Just taking longer than expected. Thanks for the support! xoxo