Thursday, May 5, 2011

What does it mean to be GENDERQUEER?

Ok, 'mos, this is another somewhat serious post, but I promise it will be fun, too. You see, lady gays, I am not just a dyke. I am also genderqueer. For the longest time, I didn't embrace this part of myself. It was too difficult to admit that, guess what? You can be born with a female body without identifying as a woman. It is also not necessary to identify FTM, MTF, man, woman or anything else. This caused me great distress for the longest time, let me tell ya. It was heart wrenching.I thought it made me a freak,and, worst of all, that if I wasn't totally a woman on the inside, then it negated one of the most important parts of my identity: being gay. Then, I started looking around. I saw people who looked on the outside like what I felt like on the inside.

I learned that there were other people like me, and that IT IS OK FOR ME TO BE THE WAY I AM. I also learned that there was a word for it: genderqueer. The heteronormative gender binary isn't for us, 'mosexuals. Seriously. If you wish to identify with that, so be it...but it was created by heterosexuals, for heterosexuals, and all it does is re enforce their idea that they are "normal"(whatever the fuck that is) and that we are wrong- thinking, wrong- feeling, wrong- being freaks. To be frank, it is nothing that I want anything to do with, ever. They have plenty of things of their own, its high time we took pride and had something of ours, too. We do not have to conform to what they have created for themselves. We are gay, we are bi, we are trans, we are pan, and, yes, we are genderqueer. Most importantly, we are all queer, and we are all ok.

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