Saturday, April 14, 2012

Life Lesson: Having Standards is a GOOD THING!

Heya lovelies! So we meet again. Today, I have a lesson for you. It might be one you have already learned, it may be one you disagree with (though rest assured that if you disagree you ARE WRONG HERE), but no matter where you stand, I am going to teach it anyway. So, today, lovelies, we are going to talk about Boundaries.

We all have them. Those unspoken, unwritten lines that people are never to cross. Those positions that, when breached, mean that our relationships with the offending party are never quite the same again.

Well, all of y'all know that my biggest boundary is 


That is something that I am never to be pushed on, ever. I know this, anyone who truly knows me knows this, and most people behave accordingly. The ones who haven't are hardly people I feel like having around much. 

However, despite how hard and steadfast that boundary and others I might have are, dykes, even I have a hard time sticking to my guns. One such instance happened on a new website,, the other night. The girl I was talking to was perfect in every way. Firstly, she was OMFG SMOKIN' HOT.

To make it even better, she was a Feminist like me

and even defended me in the chat room when the non feminist lesbians were mean to me.

Just when I thought it couldn't get any better, she told me she lives near my dream home of 

Then, just when I thought I had found my match, she started judging me for not dating theists in private chat. All of a sudden, everything good went out the window as she became preachy and self- righteous, as is usually the hallmark of religious people. Suddenly, nothing else mattered. I knew she wasn't the one for me. It was that same sense of violation and resentment I felt when I finally opened my eyes in my last relationship.

Moral of the story, you ask, you dykedellic ladies?

No, for real. There is nothing wrong with having standards, girls. In fact, a girl with any self respect whatsoever doesn't settle. And, if you cannot agree on that particular point, remember this: If she breaches your boundaries at the outset, it means she has zero respect for how you feel, and it will continue. You'll  be a DOORMAT.

Believe me, you do not want that. And, if you do..well then there's probably not much hope for you. Don't ignore your boundaries, girl fags. You deserve respect. Demand it.

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