Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Fab Lesbian Hair!

So, lovelies, we all know the importance of the Lesbian Haircut. 
(Photo Courtesy of Queer Cuts of Our Lives)

It helps us scream "I'm QUEER!" to the world, and helps us identify each other. These cuts come in a million shapes and sizes, so sometimes it's hard to pick one. However, Shannon desperately  needed a great queer cut, so, today, I took the plunge, and went to the salon.

After much agonizing over photos on Queer Cuts of Our Lives, I had found the perfect queer cut for me.
(Photo courtesy of Queer Cuts of Out Lives)
A little modification, a great stylist, and several hours later....

(Yes this is really me!!)
Shannon has a great queer cut! How you like them apples, hmmm???

I like  it a lot! So link us all to your great queer hair cut photos, lesbos!

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