Monday, September 17, 2012

New York, New York!

Well Dykes, guess what?!?! I finally made it to OMFG NEW YORK.

(Well I am in upstate NY, but the photo is pretty!)

So far, it has been an amazing experience. There is a wonderful LGBTQ Center, and I am on the membership committee! Wheeee for LGBTQ PRIDE!

The people there are wonderful, and I have made some awesome new friends. There are groups, and there was already a piano bar event! Whee!!! Further, the straight people here are gasp! LGBTQ friendly. Of course there are bigots everywhere, but this place is nothing like SC. What a relief!

Also, guess what? I am OMFG EATING HEALTHIER! Healthy food is in abundance here, and I can finally indulge my being a totally stereotypical lesbian and go all veggie on y'all.

Also, I can eat healthier and at affordable prices, whereas down south where I am from, everyone is into fried chicken

Ham hocks
and get the picture. Stuff that just ain't good for ya! But never fear, fresh eating is here! 

Also, and the best part is...drum rolllll...puhleaaasssee...

Getting Messages From Hot Girls After Changing My Location.

You heard right, lovely lessies. The more gay friendly environment means that more people nearby are out and proud, and, therefore, ready to hit up a screaming dyke like me!

All in all, New York Rox my Sox! Stay tuned for more!